Two NBA long shots that can make a playoff run

Teams still capable of jumping out of the lottery pool and onto the playoff ladder did not end with the Los Angeles Lakers losing LeBron James to injury for the next couple of weeks.

There are still a couple of other NBA squads with proud veterans and win-now mentalities that are currently on the outside of the playoff picture who are not only capable of securing one of the four coveted play-in spots in their conference but flourishing in that do-or-die scenario and reaching the actual postseason. Not to mention delivering a robust payoff if they do.

I’m not guaranteeing that either of these teams is going to be in the playoffs. But if I had to bet on one team from each conference currently not in the picture making their way into it, these are the two I'm putting some money on.

Let's dive in.

Published about 1 year ago by tommyboy


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